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    2015 NEW MINI APM PRO Flight Controller +NEO-6M 6M Flight Controller GPS Module for Mini APM Pro

2015 NEW MINI APM PRO Flight Controller +NEO-6M 6M Flight Controller GPS Module +Power Module for APM pro

Pre-Order (Delivered in 20-30 days)
Product Code: RM2538

Pre-Order (Delivered in 20-30 days)


2015 NEW MINI APM PRO Flight Controller +NEO-6M 6M Flight Controller GPS Module +Power Module for APM pro

MINI APM PRO Flight Controller

Some Changes for This Mini APM Pro:

  • Using imported large current LDO instead of previous version 3.3V LDO to support outputting 500MA power.
  • Change the previous diodes to PIX PMEG2005 diodes and integrate the two-way output power
  • 22UF/16V capacity was added into 5V module to ensure stable power of main controller (2560 part).
  • All ports have mounted on both ends and 2.54 standard Dupont connectors are adopted to create stability.
  • Two pieces RGB led lights have replaced the PPM light, looks super flashing and dazzling
  • 8-way PWM input signal has been simplified by 4pcs servo cable to realize signal input.

NEO-6M Ublox/u-blox GPS Module for mini APM pro

  • These are Pre-configured, Flashed with the correct settings, and tested. To make them Plug and Play. This is NOT normally done in any other store!
  • Super Bright LED
  • BlackPlane with Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
  • Blox Neo 6M Chipset
  • 38400 bps (Default) Changed to 115200bps !
  • Output GGA, GSA and RMC frames
  • 1Hz (Default) Changed to 5Hz!
  • Permanent Configuration Retention
  • Cable included
  • + Moved LED to the Top
  • + Bigger battery
  • + compass on board
  • + 6 pin connector for EZ connect to MEGA BLACK
  • + 4 pin connector for onlyGPS use
  • + 4 pin connecton for compass only use
  • + GPS "PCB HOOD" for More EMI/RFI Shielding
  • can use both 4 pin at once
  • The GPS unit is per-configured for multiwii !! Unlike other shops send it out default settings, and yet you figure it out.
  • pre tested = PLUG AND PLUG for MWC 2.1!
  • MultiWii GPS assited Position Hold and RTH functions
  • NEO-6M Ublox u-blox GPS Module with on-board compass HMC5883l (compass) (mag)


  • Main chip:U-BLOX NEO-6M.
  • C/A code,1.023MHz.
  • Receiver Frequency:L1 [1575.42MHz].
  • Locate performance.
  • 2D :3m(Average).
  • 2D:2m(average),with WAAS.
  • drifting<0.02m/s.
  • accuracy:1us.
  • coordinate system:WGS-84.
  • max attitude height:18000.
  • Max speed:515m/s.
  • accerlaration:<4g.


  • tracking sensitivity:-161dBm.
  • Capture sensitivity:-148dBm.
  • cold start time:38s average.
  • Warm start time:35s average.
  • hot start time:1s average.
  • Capture time:0.1s Average.
  • Temperature:40 to +80.
  • wide power supply voltage:+3.5V~+5.5V.

Ublox GPS Module V2.0

Package including:

  • APM PRO Flight Controller*1
  • Neo-6M GPS Module * 1
  • Power Module x1


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