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22pF/0.022nF/0.000022uF 100v Polyester Film Capacitor (Pack of 5)

22pF / 0.022nF / 0.000022uF 100V Polyester Film Capacitor (Pack of 5)

22pF/0.022nF/0.000022uF 100v Polyester Film Capacitor (Pack of 5)

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Product Highlights:

  • Capacitance: 22pf.
  • Voltage Range: 100 volt.
  • Type: polyester film.

The polyester film capacitor is a non-polarized capacitor used to store charge in it in the form of electrostatic field.

Features of 22pf/0.000022uf/100v Polyester Film Capacitor:

  • Capacitance: 22pf.
  • Voltage: 100volt.
  • Code: 220.
  • Type: polyester film.

Applications of 22pf/0.000022uf/100v Polyester Film Capacitor :

  • Timing.
  • Sample-and-hold A/D converters.
  • Peak-voltage detectors.
  • TV fullback tuning.
  • Motor run.
  • Snubbing.
  • Projects.

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