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    1000μF 10v Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack of 2)

4.7uF/200V Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack of 5)

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4.7uF/200V Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack of 5)

: The electrolytic capacitors or e-caps are polarized capacitors whose anode electrode (+) are made of a special metal on which an insulating oxide layer originates by iodization, which acts as the dielectric of the electrolytic capacitor.

Features of 4.7uF/200V Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack Of 5):

  • Voltage: 200 volt.
  • Capacitance: 4.7 uf.

Application of 4.7uF/200V Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack Of 5):

  • Pulsed power and Weapons.
  • Power Conditioning
  • Suppression and Coupling
  • Motor Starters
  • Signal Tuning Circuits
  • Sensing

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