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47K Ohm Dual Gang Rotary Potentiometer

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47K Ohm Dual Gang Rotary Potentiometer

It is a 47kΩ, 6 Pin, Dual Gang Rotary Carbon Potentiometer with a Shaft length of 9mm. This is used for adjusting various parameters like voltage, current, etc in an electronic circuit.

Potentiometers are very useful in changing the electrical parameters of a system. It is a resistive type potentiometer which you can use to change RC constant of a circuit, changing the voltage level at comparator, changing the audio output volume, changing the brightness of any LCD screen, even measuring the rotary movement if it is used as a transducer, controlling the precise movement of servo motors and other control applications. This potentiometer is a rotary type resistive potentiometer where the wiper moves along the circular path and the total resistance of the resistive part is 47kΩ. It’s a 6-pin single turn type rotary potentiometer so you can not control ultra precise applications with it.



  • Rotary type shaft potentiometer
  • 15mm shaft length
  • Total Resistance 47kΩ


Potentiometer TypeRotary Potentiometer
Value47k ohm
Number of Pins6
Shaft Length9mm 
Distance between the pins5mm 
Total Potentiometer Height 25mm 


Package Contents:

1× 47K Ohm 6 pin potentiometer

1× Nut


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