74LS Series IC

74LS Series IC

We have a massive collection of 74LS series integrated circuits in our Robomart store where users can engage and purchase IC’s as per requirement. Our quality products can be viewed with hassle free online purchasing. We are listing few of the IC’s including 74LS-02,04,08,10,11,12, 161,21,244,28,75 and 86 may be your requirement.

74LS series is the well-known family 7400 series of integrated circuit logic. 74LS stand for Low-power Schottky. It covers reduced power consumption and switching speed. Its dissipation factor is 2mW, 10ns of gate delay and 4.75 to 5.25v power consumption.

7400 series discovery replaced diode transistor logic and used to build the mini and mainframe computers. This series include hundreds of devices such as logic gates, flip flops, counters, special purpose bus transceivers, arithmetic logic units and many more. Basically, the first part number in the series depicts four two-input NAND gates and remaining two for power supply.

This part was composed in various packages such as flat pack, plastic or ceramic dual-in-line packages with 14 pins and surface mount packages. The rest of the additional numbers and letters identify the package and other variations. 7400 series parts were constructed using bipolar transistors and as result form transistor-transistor logic. Bipolar devices seem to be limited to a fixed power supply voltage, typically 5v whereas CMOS parts often support a range of supply voltages. 7400 series were used in many admired minicomputers in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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