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74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch

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74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch

74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch contains latches are ideally suited for use as temporary storage for binary information between processing units and input/output or indicator units. Information present at a data (D) input is transferred to the Q output when the enable is HIGH, and the Q output will follow the data input as long as the enable remains HIGH. When the enable goes LOW, the information (that was present at the data input at the time the transition occurred) is retained at the Q output until the enable is permitted to go HIGH . 74LS75 IC can be soldered directly to the circuit board or can be mounted on a 14 pin IC base. Operating supply voltages to the IC can vary between 4.5V to 5V and to a maximum of 5.5V and the input logic levels to the device in ‘0’ (LOW) state is max. 0.7V and for ‘1’ (HIGH) state is min 2V.

Images/Pinout of 74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch

74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch

Features of 74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch:

  • Operating Voltage Range 4.5V to 5V up to a maximum of5.5V.
  • Operating Temperature range : -55°C to +125°C.
  • VH (Output High): 2.7V to 3.4V.
  • VL (Output Low): 0.36V to 0.5V.
  • Power Consumption: 3.3mA to 3.8mA.
  • Operating Speed (Mhz):600-800.

Applications of 74LS75 4-Bit Bi-Stable Latch:

  • Logical Decision making.
  • Circuits involving conditional operations.
  • DIY projects for various logic gates based applications


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