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Accelerometers are devices used for measuring and detecting acceleration in a device. Its functionality helps in detecting the vibration and monitoring in a system, vehicles, and buildings. It has huge applications that vary from the efficiency of accelerometers. Gravity acceleration in stationary and motion is also detected easily with accuracy and precision. It is also used in aircraft and missiles at a higher configuration of meter. It also helps in measuring earthquakes and measuring distance with accelerometer. Its high usability makes it a precious asset for electro-mechanical projects.

We deal with few Accelerometer sensors and modules which are discussed in further sub categories. Grove 3 axis digital accelerometer sense changes in data and data direction. It’s also used in mobile phone/PMP and PDA. GY 521 MPU 6050 module 3 Axis Analog Gyro sensors and 3 Axis module, GY 85 BMP085 sensor module 9 Axis sensor module ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L, HMC5883L 3 Axis digital compass magnetic sensor module and triple axis accelerometer ADXL335.

Accelerometer cost varies according to the efficiency of accelerometer and handle the operation as described. Reasonable cost is maintained for effective sales and best outcomes for learners.

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