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Adafruit Large Solderless Breadboard

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3484

15-20 Days


Adafruit Large Solderless Breadboard

  • For really big projects, give yourself some room to work in, with a massive 2250-point breadboard - equivalent in size to three full sized breadboards side by side.

    The breadboards are mounted onto a metal plate, and comes with 4 colored posts you can use with a bench-top supply. Four bumpers are included, to keep the board from slipping around your desk.

    Like nearly all large breadboards, the 'power rails' are split in the middle! That means that if you want to plug in a voltage at the top of the board, it wont appear at the bottom. Since this often trips people up, we strongly suggest drawing lines onto the breadboard the moment you get it! Just follow this image to see where the splits occur. Each drawn red line is a split.

    Please note, the binding posts for these breadboards are a little smaller than the D-cuts in the metal place, so while they can be screwed into place they 'rotate'


    Note: As of Thursday, October 22nd 2015, we are selling the updated version of this product. Drill holes are now 7.9mm in diameter and spaced 17mm apart. 


    • Breadboard: 175mm x 145mm / 6.9" x 5.7"
    • Metal Plate: 221mm x 183mm / 8.7" x 7.2"
    • Height (with Breadboard & Metal Plate): 10mm / 0.4"
    • Binding Posts Spacing: 19mm / 0.75"


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