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Adafruit Perma-Proto Mint Tin Size Breadboard PCB

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3480

15-20 Days


Adafruit Perma-Proto Mint Tin Size Breadboard PCB

  • Making a project that will fit into a "Altoids" Mint Tin? Put down that PCB shear and pick up a Perma-Proto in the new exciting minty shape!

    Customers have asked us to carry basic perf-board, but we never liked the look of most basic perf: its always crummy quality, with pads that flake off and no labeling. Then we thought about how people actually prototype - usually starting with a solderless breadboard and then transferring the parts to a more permanent PCB. That's when we realized what people would really like is a proto board that makes it easy!

    This proto-board is the PCB you always wish you had, but never realized it! We took the basic layout of a half-sized breadboard, extended it to the size of a mint tin and turned that into a beautiful PCB. The top side has a white silkscreen, and the same markings you're familiar with, to make transferring components easy. The bottom has 30 rows of 5-hole pad design that matches a classic breadboard, with 4 power bus lines on the sides, and no mask so you can easily cut traces when necessary. There are another 80 holes for general wiring on the edges. We used 1.2mm diameter drill holes so even parts with big leads will fit. All holes are thru-plated for strength - these wont peel off with rework. The finish is a gold plate - you won't get oxidation like with bare copper perf! There are also four big mounting holes so you can attach the PCB to the tin. A perfect match for a Altoids-sized mint tin

    Comes one per package. Once you use a Perma-Proto board, you'll never go back!


    • 30 rows of double 5-hole rows + 80 individual holes
    • 4 power rails with positive/negative markings
    • 3.6" x 2.24" (92mm x 57mm), 0.063" thick FR4
    • 1.2mm / 0.047" drill holes
    • Four 3.0mm mounting holes, 3" x 1.65" square


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