Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converter

Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converter

We have perfect converters for your circuitry that will help in converting signal. We have a colossal collection of converters including LM2907 frequency to voltage converter, ADC0804 analog to digital converter, ADC0809 converter for your project requirements.

An electronic IC which transfers a signal from analog form to digital form and also defined from its bandwidth and signal to noise ratio. Analog to digital converters are required to perform complex processing on digitized signals. In digital form, signals are away from the harmful effects of additive noise. Analog to digital converter provides a link between analog transducers and digital signal processing and data handling. Analog to digital converter is present everywhere where any analog signal is to be processed, stored and transported in digital form. Digital voltmeters, cell phone, thermocouples and digital oscilloscope are few ADC used examples. Moreover, microcontrollers usually use 8, 10, 12 and 16 microcontrollers for maximum ADC converters.

In DAC, digital data is converted into analog signal. Analog signal can be voltage, current or electric charge. DAC is required to drive an earphone or loudspeaker amplifier in produce sound. DAC compatibility is checked by six main parameters which are physical size, power consumption, resolution, cost, speed and accuracy.

DAC is used in music players, mobile phones, televisions, military radar systems and oscilloscope. There exist DAC electronic types such as pulse width modulation, oversampling DAC, binary weighted DAC, R2R ladder, successive approximation or cyclic, thermometer coded and hybrid.

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