Arduino Boards

Arduino Boards

Arduino is quite flexible for software and hardware where hardware is cheap and light weighted.There exits many microcontrollers and arduino is one of them that is discussed here. Arduino is an open source platform having a microcontroller board and integrated development environment which is compatible and run on computer. IDE (integrated development environment) main function is to write and upload code to the physical board. Arduino does not require any separate programmable circuit to code on to the board. Use a simple USB cable for interfacing code.

Arduino started in 2005 in Italy. That time, its cost went very high which was not affordable by students. In terms of programming, arduino is best. C and C++ are used for programming in an arduino which is quite easy to work on. This microcontroller board consists of ATMEL corporation of 8, 16 band 32 bit memory using AVR. Its hardware architecture consists of power (USB), various pins including ground, analog pins, digital pins, PWM signals and AREF, reset button, power LED indicator, transmitter and receiver LED’s, main IC, voltage indicator and various sensors and shields that it works upon.
Arduino boards price in India is reasonable for all customers. Students can easily buy arduino boards in India from all nearby stores offering heavy discounts.
Basically, arduino was designed particularly for designers, artists, hackers, newbie’s and hobbyists. It has friendly architecture which can be interfaced and engaged to various devices and accessories like speakers, cameras, internet, LED’s, motors, GPS units, smart phones and television.

Arduino is quite flexible for software and hardware where hardware is cheap and light weighted. It’s used for massive applications especially for entertainment applications. Arduino development boards in India is available in various sizes according to the models. Since it’s designing from 2005, a long list of projects successfully completed and used by students for a start up. These successful projects further inspired for research and development. Eye writer 2.0, greenhouse using arduino, power laces, flame throwing lantern, 24X6 matrix, climbing robot, rave rover, chess playing robot and a makers wedding are examples of arduino board.

Besides this, arduino were further divided into categories and types. Its some types included arduino uno, arduino Due, arduino mega, arduino Leonardo, arduino shields, wireless shields, GSM shield, Ethernet shields, prototyping shields are some arduino types which are used in devices.

Nowadays, it’s being used in textiles and accessories like watch. Smart watch designed by a kid to make computer programming easy to every child. Programming, 3D printing and little bit of crafting is enough for its creativity. Programming toll here used is IDE which is known as integrated development environment where coding is done and forward to the board. It’s creative as well as easy to start up with programming. Arduino is also successful in cool t-shirts and shirts.For beginners, there are cool exciting projects that can be easily designed by students. Creating simple data logger for measuring humidity and temperature, creating dragon keepers screensaver, garage door opener through smart phone, LED spot lights, display LCD, line follower robot, talking clock are few arduino based projects. These projects can be easily prepared at home using DIY kits and affordable prices whether online or directly from the store.

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