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Arduino Lily Pad USB ATmega32u4

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Arduino Lily Pad USB ATmega32u4

The LilyPad Arduino is a microcontroller board designed for wearables and e-textiles. It can be sewn to fabric and similarly mounted power supplies, sensors and actuators with conductive thread. The board is based on the ATmega32U4. Board comes fully assembled and tested with ATMega168V pre-loaded with bootloader.

The Micro is similar to the Arduino Leonardo in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication, eliminating the need for a secondary processor. This allows the Micro to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, in addition to a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port


Features of Arduino YUN

  • Microcontroller ATmega32u4
  • Input Voltage (recommended) 3.3V
  • Input Voltage (limit) 3.8V
  • Digital I/O Pins 5
  • PWM Digital I/O Pins 9
  • Analog Input Pins 4
  • DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
  • Flash Memory 32 KB
  • Flash Memory for Bootloader 4 KB
  • SRAM 2.5 KB
  • EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega32u4)
  • Clock Speed 8 MHz

Application of Arduino YUN

  • Electronic Projects
  • College Projects

Frequently Asked Question for Arduino YUN

Q: where to buy arduino micro

A: robomart.com

Q: what is to use arduino micro

A: Approx INR 1599 only


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