AVR Microcontroller Boards

AVR Microcontroller Boards

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AVR is a single chip AVR development board which was developed by Atmel Corporation in 1996. It architecture was developed by Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan. AVR obtain its name from Initial alphabet of each developer and was named as advanced virtual RISC microcontroller. In the year 1997, AT90S1200 microcontroller was the first one to beat other in the commercial market. AT90S8515 microcontroller was the first microcontroller which was based on AVR architecture.
AVR has all its features in a single chip. It has 8 bit wide data and now AVR 32 bit is also available. Assembly language is used in programming for AVR. It too produces very small and rapid code. If we talk about its architecture, program and data are stored in separate physical memory systems which appear in different address spaces.Moreover it has the ability to read data items from program memory using special instructions.
Well, architecture of AVR demonstrates flash, EEPROM and SRAM integrated on a single chip which removes the need for external memory in most applications. All AVR have serial interfaces except tinyAVR chips. Rest all can engage to larger serial EEPROM or flash chips. Some devices have a parallel external bus feature allowing additional data memory or memory mapped devices. In program memory instruction are stored in non volatile flash memory. Each instruction takes one or two 16 bit words. Size of the memory is defined in its particular IC. Whereas, the internal data memory consists of register file, I/O registers and SRAM. AVR has 32 single byte registers.
AVR development board in India covers wide range of applications. These comprise of bi-directional general purpose I/O ports with configurable, built in pull-up resistors with multi-function. It also has multiple internal oscillators including RC oscillator without external parts. Another feature is internal, self programmable instruction flash memory up to 256 Kb (384 KB on XMega). Another feature support is on chip debugging support through JTAG or debug-wire on most devices. Internal data EEPROM is available up to 4 kb and internal SRAM covers up to 16 KB. It includes 8 bit and 16 bit timers, analog comparator, 12 bit D/A, brownout detection, watchdog timer, LCD controller support and USB controller support.
Its applications can be viewed in automotive applications such as security, power train, safety and entertainment systems. Automotive applications are developed by Atmel and new publication introduced by developers was Atmel automotive compilation. AVR microcontrollers are also used through robot builders, hobbyists and developers.

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