9 Volt Batteries

9 Volt Batteries

9 volt battery is rectangular in shape having rounded borders with connector on top. These batteries are used in smoke detectors, fire alarms, toys, radios, electronic devices and clocks and many household items.

So just engage towards our amenities and Buy battery from our store enjoying heavy discounts within no time. We also have various nine volt rechargeable batteries that too need awareness towards safety. 9 volt rechargeable batteries die rapidly. This happens because if one cell gets damaged the whole battery is damaged and so need to be replaced. 

Don’t leave batteries open. Keep them in original packaging until you are not using them. The posts in a battery can be very dangerous if exposed which may create a short circuit. The posts in a battery shouldn’t be in contact with any kitchen accessories, any metal or plastic polythene. Moreover don’t keep battery with other batteries and store them in standing positions. 

Lithium, alkaline and NiMH are the types of 9 volt batteries. They are disposable and rechargeable too. Rechargeable battery working capacity is not above 5 hours that may go up to 7 hours whereas Disposable batteries capacity range to 10 hours. We have gathered colossal collections of batteries which could be easily accessible by every customer whether purchasing online or directly through our stores. Online price of nine volt rechargeable battery is very low as compared to others. We deal with quality and non rusted products and guarantee you, if once purchased will definitely make up your mind for future.

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