Becoming a DIY Master with Raspberry Pi

raspberry-pi-logoRaspberry Pi is a very dynamic microcontroller that is capable of just about anything a computer is. It runs with the Python Programming language. It is a great way to learn hardware, hacking and coding. This community backed wonder machine is a versatile platform for developers and students who wish to try their hands on a micro computing platform. Complete with the Linux operating system the Raspberry pi is capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions which makes it a boon for the present day electronics market where millions and millions of developers, hobbyists and enthusiasts are ready with their recipe of Raspberry Goodness.

Each day the Community grows and so the possibilities. New projects are made, innovations emerge and every day Raspberry Pi and Linux community takes a small step in the directions of micro computing and RTOS development. Since the possibilities of different device’s configuration is virtually infinite so is the scope of development of the applications. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and you are ready to contribute your share in the wonderful and supportive developer community and the Fan following club of the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer.



Keeping in mind the discussion above we bring to you some of the community’s best hand picked projects that range from a very basic level to the extremely advanced level. Developed on the Open Source platform, these projects are also bound by the GNU licence and can be implemented and improvised by anyone but with the consent of the author.

The Raspberry Pi Media Centre:

The Best Home Theatre PC’S are small, quiet, and inexpensive. The 3K Raspberry Pi is the perfect choice. The setup that you get contains Raspbmc OS that is a standalone Media Centre flavoured Linux image based on the renowned XBMCTM Media centre application. The end result you get is a media centre in the size of a portable hard disk. Fiddle a little with the settings and you can adjust the look and feel of your Media Centre the way you Like!!raspberrypi-media-centre

Simple Web Interface for Raspberry Pi:

The Raspberry pi based Web server is a revolutionary small server interface capable of hoisting a fully functional web server. Which means that you can even control the connected devices over the world-wide-web.

Isn’t that amazing??


web-interface-with-raspberrypi-01 web-interface-with-raspberrypi-02

But wait.. It’s not done yet. All this and you don’t even need to be an expert programmer or a web developer. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it! Believe it or not but the dedicated developer community has helped the little computing wonder to become the most powerful one over the time. And it’s not even long since it has been launched.

Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System:

Just add a pinch of python to your Raspberry pi, top it with a couple of ESPs and voila.. A fully functional home automation system ready to serve as your personal nanny at your house. This system can be as intelligent as the programmer, so wear your coding cap and a cup of extra strong coffee. A new window of innovation awaits your indulgence. All you need is a little Python skills and a keen sense of jaw dropping codes.


So these were some of the interesting and innovative projects based on Raspberry pi. Stay tuned with us for more and more complete projects and tutorials on Raspberry pi and other informative topics. Have a good one!!