Various Sensors with AVR Robotics Development Board


ATmega-16/32 is a low cost development board designed in perspective of beginners as well as industry hobbyist. It is a 40 pin mini development board which supports current versions of AVR microcontrollers available in the market.atmega-16-32-robotics-mini-development-board

The AVR controller board is the first microcontroller to have on-chip flash memory and it is one of the most popularly used micro controller from ATMEL. The variants of AVR include tiny AVR, mega AVR, Xmega, and 32 bit AVR. These range from smaller applications to large ones with many special features and support, here are some of the modules that are supported by AVR.Tiny AVR are support less memory, small in size and hence suitable for small applications.Mega AVR supports memory upto 256Kb and used for complex applications.XMega AVR supports larger program memory and used for complex applications.

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  • This development board supports ISP (in system programming) for communication between ICS available on the board.
  • Programmable flash memory with support of JTAG debugging interface.
  • Comes with RS 232 communication for serial port device interfacing of keyboard, PC etc.
  • It has various hardware devices like LEDS, push button switch for RESET, USB B type connector for connecting various peripheral devices to PC.
  • The board comes with the inbuilt boot loader hence, the programmer need not worry about the drivers installed.
  • It also comes with kicking a dog known as watch dog timer for infinite loops and software hangs, it has separate on chip oscillator for synchronization.
  • This board has 32 I/O pins for input output programming.
  • Equipped with 2 wire serial interface and programmable serial USART.
  • Supports master/slave communication using SPI protocol.
  • It has memory capacity EEPROM of 512 bytes and 1KB of static RAM.
  • To drive the motors to be connected to the board L293D motor driver is provided.
  • 16×2 LCD interfaced on the board for displaying strings and alphanumeric characters.

 IR Sensorcomparator

IR sensor for obstacle and colour detection of various objects around the environment. Sensor emits IR light, when object is detected signal is reflected back. It indicates object detection. It operates at 3 to 5 volts. It has 3 pins vcc, gnd, and control pin for object detection.

Sound Sensor


Detects the surrounding environment by using electret microphone and LM 358 amplifier. Analog interface with supply voltage of 3.3V to 5V.It can be used in voice based projects like voice controlled robot and also as voice operated switch in homes.

 Light Searching Sensor

Sensor for detecting light uses a photo resistor, if resistance varies light intensity changes.

It uses 2 operational amplifiers integrated in an IC, 2 photo diodes and LM358 amplifier.

DTMF moduledtmf_module

To decode DTMF tones this module was designed using MT8870. It decodes binary value of 4 digit which can be used to operate various devices or machines. This module is particularly useful in mobile robot, caller id and remote controlled applications.

Operating current is 100 mA with operating voltage of 5V DC input.

 HC-04 Ultrasonic Sensor


This sensor uses noncontact distance measurement covering a distance of 2cm to 400cm.

This module comes with transmitter and receiver unit which is useful to measure the distance between moving objects. This can be implemented in auto detection of vehicles in heavy traffic.

 PIR Motion Sensor


PIR passive infrared motion sensor used in home applications and for business purpose. Detects the human movements based on the human and sensor distance. It is widely used in elevators and automatic light systems.

 Temperature Sensor Module


Temperature sensor module for reading the temperature and act accordingly to the events occurring outside the environment. The applications with this module include automatic AC control in homes and offices, various home automation applications like light control based on temperature.

 Double Digit Common Anode Display

This display uses 2 seven segment displays for displaying the numbers. Generally common anode seven segments are used due to their advantage of sinking current other than sourcing. This reduces the power consumption.

 Buzzer Module

This module is used for indicating ON/OFF depending upon the application. The buzzer sounds for a certain time period when a particular event occurs. This is quite often used in burglar alarm systems and fire alarm mechanisms.

 Light sensor

This sensor works on light mechanism principle. It consists of resistor network on which LDR is used. When light varies the resistance of the circuit varies which switch on/off the light.

 Gas Sensor Module


SEN 1327 is a LPG gas sensor module which detects limit of gas exceeds the normal level using a sensor connected to the microcontroller. When the limit exceeds an alarm is used for indicating the level by the presence of buzzer or LED.


Depending upon the application requirement sensors are built and here are some of the prominently used sensors overwhelming in the today’s market. The use of sensors has taken the robotic technology to immense level by increasing the performance of the robots.

Sensing can be organized based on the human behaviour. Human can feel the touch, hear, vision and movements. Based upon these parameters robot sensors are manufactured.


  • Light sensor mostly used in solar based robots.
  • Proximity sensor used in automated industrial process for detecting the position and existence of the metal object.
  • Medical robots used for making surgery.
  • Military robots for search and rescue, bomb disposal in military environment.
  • Entertainment robots for playing music and dancing.
  • Space robots for detecting metals and observing environment in space, for example mars Rover.
  • Hobby and competition robots like line follower, sumo robots etc.
  • Home robots for serving humans and robot vaccum cleaners.

This kit is very useful for beginners and hobbyists who want to learn Robotics and Embedded Systems in a easy way. We are providing high quality products with huge discounts from our store.

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