Voice Recognition Module Tutorial

Today, we are with an exciting blog about Voice Recognition Module. Before moving further, we will explain what Voice Recognition is and what steps are to be followed for its architecture. Basically, Voice Recognition Module which converse over UART protocol with the processor/controller board. The module is compatible to all microcontrollers such as Arduino, raspberry pi, Beagle board, AVR and 8051.  Moreover it supports 80 voice commands from which 7 are effective at the same time.


The procedure for Arduino Voice Control is been divided into 3 Major Steps. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Demonstrates the hardware and Software List:



  • Serial Tool.

Step 2: Teach the Voice Module:

This module can learn 3×5 voice command (3 group, each group with 5, max 1300ms long command).

To teach, we need a serial tool: Accessport.

– Start the program, plug in the module with the USB to TTL board.

– From the Monitor/Ports menu, select the voice module. If not see, click refresh.

– In settings menu use this settings:

  • Baud rate: 9600
  • Parity bit: NONE
  • Data bit: 8
  • Stop bit: 1
  • Send format: HEX
  • Receive format: Char
  • Other settings as Default.

– The first time, we need to choose “common” or “compact” mode.

I’m using “common mode”.

– For this, send “0x36” to the board:

Just type after the “00000000” AA36, and click “Send”.

If its ok, above you can see “common mode” text.

The modul now ready to learn.

– To teach the commands, send “0x11” to the module. (this mean, we record to the first group).

Type after the “00000000” AA11, and click “Send”.

– After appear the “START” word above, tell the first command, repeat if ask.

“Finish one” mean, you done with the command, immediately afterwards ask the 4 other command in same way.

“Group 1 finished” mean you are done, close the app, unplug the module.

 Step 3: The Arduino Code:

  1. After disconnected the voice module, connect the arduino, and upload this code.
  2. LED’S connected to the Pin 9,10,11. (use resistor).
  3. After code uploaded, unplug the arduino, connect the voice module:
    • VCC to 5V.
    •  GND to GND.
    •  Rx to Tx.
    • Tx to Rx.
  4. Power on the Arduino, Wait 3-5 sec until Ready.
  5. Talk to your Arduino.