What is So Unique with Plus Size Wedding Dresses?


Thumbs up to those plus size brides who are looking forward to tying the knot! There is no need to worry because there many different styles of plus size wedding dresses on the market today. What is needed is only cautiousness when shopping around since the market is not that straightforward. Outlined below are some key aspects to bear in mind when hunting for a plus size wedding dress.

The Basics of Plus Size Wedding Dresses

When shopping around for a wedding dress, it is imperative to know the basics. Whether you are finding a normal dress or plus size one, you should go for an attire that accentuates your beauty and hides your flaws. A wedding gown than can fulfill these two functions is regarded as the best. As a bride, you need to evaluate your dress fabric, color and style. The following are some aspects you need to pay keen attention to:

  • Style: This one matters a lot when it comes to buying a dress for plus sized body. You should determine your own style before you commence shopping for your gown. Once you do this, you will have easy time identifying your dreamy dress.
  • Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is another essential thing every bride is expected to do. It is the fabric that determines how the dress is going to fit in your body. Always go for a fabric that is able to camouflage your body flaws.
  • Color: Your choice of color will depend on your community or religion. For instance, Christian brides usually go for the white color. For plus size dresses, cream is highly preferred to help camouflage the body contours.

The Difference is Only Size

When some of the brides here of plus size dresses, they usually take their minds way too far and start imagining of special kinds of attires. This is not the case. A plus size wedding dress is just a dress specifically meant for a bride that wears dresses of size 14 and above. So, all the aspects considered when buying normal wedding gowns remain intact. What you only need to be keen on is the exact size that you are looking for. Just begin by drafting your budget before proceeding to the market. After that, proceed to the market and find a seller with the size you want.

Don’t forget to compare prices in different companies. This is the only way to land affordable plus size wedding dresses. To avoid being conned, only buy from legitimate companies. Make sure the company you are ordering from has been selling cheap wedding dresses for the past several years. Such a dealer must have gained a good reputation in the industry and can be trusted. Be wary dealing with newly-established bridal shops.

What to Avoid

If you have a plus-sized body, consider the following:

  • Avoid extremely low necklines that are likely to reveal cleavage. Also, high necklines may look unflattering. So, consider going for a scoop neck, which is ideal for plus-sized ladies.
  • For brides with upper backs or heavy arms, gowns with sleeves are the most appropriate. Do not go for sleeves with puff out at the top. If you need a full-length sleeve, avoid the tight ones.


Whether you are buying a normal or a plus size wedding gown, proper research must be done. Make sure you know your body shape beforehand. Check if you have pear, square, hourglass or apple body figure. Also, do a deep research to locate a legitimate seller. If you are ordering online, spare some time for alterations. And lastly, consider going for what you feel comfortable when wearing.