What to Do With the Extra Room in Your House

In modern living, the scarcity of space has forced developers to construct small sized spaces that integrate functionality.

The Dubai property market is very diverse with several new projects in Dubai. For instance, the MBR City project is currently under development and is expected to be completed soon. There are numerous residential projects such as District One Residences and District One Villas which come with tastefully designed spacious homes which also might offer you the luxury of a spare room.

If your current property also offers you the luxury of a spare room then here are certain ideas you can employ to make the spare room more functional instead of staying idle.

  1. Home office

A home office is an important space even if you don’t work from home. It can be a quiet place to take care of your home paperwork such as utility bills. You will only need to set up a desk, chair and anything else you may need.

  1. Guest room

This is one of the popular ways to make use of the spare room. If you have frequent guests, it is practical to have a guest room ready to go. Add a comfortable bed with clean sheets, adequate lighting and maybe a small table and chair.

  • Library/ reading room

If you love reading, you can turn a spare room into a library or a reading space. Apart from lining the walls with bookshelves, ensure there are comfortable sitting spots. In addition, add soft pillows and carpet to make the room warm and welcoming. If you have kids, keep the shelves low and add children-friendly furniture to encourage them to read.

  1. Music room

A spare room can become handy to people who love to write, play or record music. Having a dedicated room to work on music related tasks can help you become more focused. You can add soundproof to absorb noise and prevent interference with other rooms in the house. This can turn your spare room into one of the most enjoyable rooms in the house.

  1. Planting room

If you have a green thumb, you can make use of underutilized space in your house. Having a room that is specifically dedicated to gardening tasks will eliminate the need to transport plants from the crowded shed which helps to save time and energy.

  1. Toy room

If you have kids, you know how quickly clutter can build up in your living room. One minute everything is well arranged and the next minute the floor is littered with all types of toys. It is easier to have a room that is purely dedicated for kids to play.