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Brick Pi Advanced - Turn your Raspberry Pi into a LEGO Robot

20-30 Days
Product Code: RM3491

20-30 Days


Brick Pi Advanced - Turn your Raspberry Pi into a LEGO Robot

The brains of a Raspberry Pi joined with the LEGO building system. The BrickPi breakout board takes your Raspberry Pi into the plysical world, by allowing it to directly interact with LEGO®!
The BrickPi Advanced kit consists of a sturdy acrylic case, and fully assembled breakout board that plugs directly into the Pi's GPIO pins. Once connected to BrickPi, the Raspberry Pi can connect to and interact with LEGO® Mindstorms Sensors, motors, and other LEGO® parts, enabling the user to easily turn your credit card size computer into a powerful robot. The BrickPi allows you to connect up to 4 NXT or EV3 Motors and 5 NXT Sensors, features a connection for a 9V battery source (to power the motors, sensors, and un-tether the Raspberry Pi from the wall), and comes complete with a sturdy case with holes that snap with LEGO parts!
The BrickPi can be programmed in Python, C, and Scratch. You can find information on using all three languages, including examples and drivers, on github here
This package includes the BrickPi Board and a sturdy acrylic case for attaching LEGO components, motors, and sensors. It does not include batteries or a battery pack. The Advanced Power option doubles the life of your batteries.
  • Brick Pi Advanced Board
  • Sturdy acrylic case - attach lego components, motors and sensors
  • Connect up to 4 NXT motors.
  • Connect up to 5 sensors, both digital and analog.
  • Power the Raspberry Pi.  Free your Raspberry Pi from the wall with the power supply of the BrickPi.
  • Attach your LEGO® Technic bricks to the BrickPi case and make an awesome robot!


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