40Amp BLDC ESC for Quadcopter/Multirotor/Drone

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40Amp BLDC ESC for Quadcopter/Multirotor/Drone

This is fully programmable 40A BLDC ESC with 5V, 3A BEC. Can drive motors with continuous 40Amp load current. It has sturdy construction with 2 separate PCBs for Controller and ESC power MOSFETs. It can be powered with 2-4 lithium Polymer batteries or 5-12 Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries. It has separate voltage regulator for the microcontroller for providing good anti-jamming capability. It is most suitable for UAVs, Aircrafts and Helicopters.

Specification of 40Amp BLDC ESC :

  • Output: 20A continuous; 25Amps for 10 seconds
  • nput: 40A continuous; 45Amps for 10 seconds
  • nput voltage: 2-4 cells Lithium Polymer / Lithium Ion battery or 5-12 cells NiMH / NiCd
  • EC: 5V, 2Amp for external receiver and servos
  • ax Speed: 2 Pole: 210,000rpm; 6 Pole: 70,000rpm; 12 Pole: 35,000rpm
  • eight: 22gms
  • ize: 47mm x 27mm x 12mm

Features of 40Amp BLDC ESC :

  • High quality MOSFETs for BLDC motor drive
  • High performance microcontroller for best compatibility with all types of motors at greater efficiency
  • Fully programmable with any standard RC remote control
  • Heat sink with high performance heat transmission membrane for better thermal management
  • 3 start modes: Normal / Soft / Super-Soft, compatible with fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters
  • Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with any remote control available in the market
  • Smooth, Linear and Precise throttle response
  • Low-Voltage cut-off protection
  • Over-heat protection
  • Separate voltage regulator IC for the microcontroller to provide anti-jamming capability
  • Supported Motor Speed (Maximum): 210000RPM (2 poles), 70000RPM (6poles), 35000RPM (12 poles)

Applications of 40Amp BLDC ESC :

  • DIY Quadcopter projects.
  • Quadrotor (quadcopter).
  • Electrical/Electronic projects quadcopter.

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