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Atmel Corporation has introduced microcontrollers that signify microcomputer integrated into a single circuit. 8051 development board comprise of microcontroller along with components embed for certain functioning and interfacing. 8051 is the basic microcontroller that is studied by electronics learners initially.

Characteristics of 8051 controller board in India

To start working on any 8051 based projects, we need to go through its pin description. 8051 is a 40 pin IC which is divided into 4 parts named as Port 0, Port 1, Port 2 and Port 3. Each pin has a particular functionality and its key features include RS232 TX, Rx interface with MAX232 IC on socket, DIL40 ZIF Socket microcontroller socket - To Reduce Microcontroller Damages, ULN 2803 To Drive Stepper Motor and Relays, reset button, power plug-in jack, extension slot on every microcontroller pin, ground bus, VCC bus, and four mounting holes.Its input-output features comprise of easy to test with connecting wires, a serial port for ISP, RS232 serial port,7Seg multiplexed display, dc power supply connector (12volt AC or dc), on board regulated power supply (5v, 12 v), easy to test with bug connector wires, rdy interface for LCD display 2 Linux x 16 character, 89v51RD2 flasher through RS232 using flash magic software, 24cxx12 C EEPROM, RTC DS1307, 8 LED array, Matrix keypad, easy to flash 89V51RDS through flash magic software, programs for LED, 7 segment, LCD, RS232, Matrix keypad, ADC and 4 Interrupt Switches.
8051 microcontroller projects used for domestic and industrial purposes
There exists a long everlasting list, but we’ll try to introduce as maximum as possible. These projects are not only for professionals but for beginners too. It’s a basic microcontroller that is studied during the first year in institutes.They cover a wide range of projects that are being used in our daily life. They comprise of interfacing GPS with 8051 microcontroller, water level controller, bidirectional visitor counter, password based door locking system, 8 channel quiz buzzer, interfacing with LCD to monitor messages and errors, 5 channel IR remote control systems, wireless message communication between two computers, wireless electronic notice board using GSM, using TV remote as a cordless mouse for computer, traffic light controller, touch screen based remote-controlled robotic vehicle for stores management, toll plaza system based on vehicle category, touch screen based industrial based industrial load switching, solar powered LED street light with auto intensity control, solar powered auto irrigation system, industrial load switching, security system using change of password and smart category, railway track security system and many more.
8051 Development board in India provide shipping to all parts till destination at reasonable charges.No extra charges are to be paid. A proper kit will be provided including a catalogue, robotic project parts, accessories and all essential tools required for project formation. Institutions are engaging to latest technical corresponding courses that boost technically and logically. Moreover, workshops and seminars are conducted through these institutes with a strict environment. Courses include various controllers and robotic modules.Each module is explained with hardware and software architecture.

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