Arduino Board & Accessories

Arduino Board & Accessories

Arduino Boards, Arduino Books, Arduino Accessories, Arduino Shield, Project Starter Kit for Arduino and more Arduino Products? Then you are at the right place. You can easily buy these products online from our ROBOMART Online Robotics Store plus can grab Opportunities of heavy discounts with free shipping amenities..

Arduino board and accessories is easily accessible to all users whether online or directly. In this modern technology, users can easily prepare kits at home. In terms of boards arduino Uno is the perfect board to work on. It’s been described as an open source phase for electronics projects. It comprises of a microcontroller board that can be easily accessible interfacing using an analog to digital adapter or using a power supply. Its configuration describes its reliability and compatibility with other devices. Students can grab the latest version and information by just clicking our website. Online purchasing is also available with ease for students. Here are the necessary specifications such as microcontroller used here is ATmega328P, 5 V power supply, 14 I/O pins, 6 PWM signal pins, 6 digital pins, 20 mA DC current for I/O pins, 50 Ma for 3.3 V Pin, 32 bit flash memory, 25 g weight, 52.4 mm width, 68.6 mm length, 2 KB SRAM, 1 KB EEPROM and 16MHZ clock speed.
Let’s discuss few projects that demonstrate Arduino Uno which aids in creating a useful technical device. First is a robot that simply walks and demonstrates a tiny breadboard, wires and a UNO board making robot run and dance. Second include SMS alarm system in which resistors, sensors and alarm is used to detect visibility of persons at your door. To run this device all one need is to use an android phone, android application for sending signal or message. Third is the robot boat that sense and detect to move the pen on the surface to draw shapes. Fourth is the robotic arm that helps in the movement of environmental circumstances. It calculates six servomotors, Lexan polycarbonate parts with ultrasonic sensor which help in judging the movement in air. Finally a traffic light controller that helps in communicating the vehicles in aligned manner with simple coding done.
Microcontroller based security systems follow reliable consequences that build a strong bound between the technology and eco friendly behavior with humans. Advantage and disadvantages show a great comparison. We show certain advantages that will definitely make up mind in purchasing. Its fast and compatible accessibility help in the fast forward messaging within no time. To create a project using controller just shortens the board and search for the circuit’s availability that help in running a real-time kit. Its biggest advantage is its space availability that helps in wiring and creates a space in library for codes.
Its list of disadvantages is less as it is suitable for domestic and all commercial purposes. Arduino libraries need to be enhanced and optimized well because codes are not detected at the time of processing or searching. Arduino language does not help in guiding the hardware as embedded experts do. Anyhow its coding is easy for learners. In India, a high ratio of learners can be viewed who wish to choose career as an engineer and grabbing excellent learning skills. Buying arduino board in India, price quite low, as it is easily accessible in preparing projects. Additionally arduino uno and arduino uno r3 in India are very reasonable and little expensive to general arduino.

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