Gyro Sensors

Gyro Sensors

Gyro Sensor ModuleENC 03RC R Murata Gyroscope6 DOF GyroIMU 10 DOF Gyro Sensors5V 5 DOF Gyro Accelerometer IMUGyroscope SensorsLego Mindstorms NXT Gyroscope

Gyro sensors are used for detecting angular velocity of any moving object. It’s the most difficult thing for a human to detect. Manually it can’t be operated. . These sensors are wildly used when the object is in motion. Very sensitive to rotational motion and direction in a moving object. Recently, they are found for camera detection systems for still cameras, video clarity, sensitive for video games and vehicle electronic stability control.

In robotics, its function is to control the balance of its movement. It’s sensitive to motion pictures and accuracy of its moving velocity. Robot is high sensitivity to all its accessories as they depict a high ratio of unique functions in coming era. Gyro sensors characteristic are scalar factor, temperature- frequency coefficient and compact size with stability and noise characteristics.

Its applications are detecting motion for moving object, car navigation systems, game controllers, camera shake correction and vehicle control.

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