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Advanced Arduino UNO R3 Study Kit

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Advanced Arduino UNO R3 Study Kit

Kit Contents:

1x Arduino Uno R3
1x USB Cable
1x 16*2 LCD
1x Servo Motor
1x 6v Relay
1x 10K Ohm Thermistor
1x 10K Pot
1x RGB LED 5mm
1x 5v Buzzer
1x Breadboard
1x 40 Pin Male Header
3x Zener Diode 4148
3x Diode 1N4007
3x LDR Small
5x Push On Off Button
5x Red LED 5mm
5x Green LED 5mm
5x Yellow LED 5mm
10x 10K Register
10x 1K Register
10x 220 Ohm Register
10x 100K Register
20x Jumper Wire Male to Male


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