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AVR Microcontroller Development board

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AVR Microcontroller Development board

The AVR microcontroller development Board is ideal for learning microcontrollers. This one is the onboard I/O features with external I/O ports by which designer can easily interface anything with this and can design more than 40 projects with this board. This board supports many 40 pin controllers which have identical pin configurations like AT90S8535, ATMega16, ATMega32 etc.

8051 microcontroller Development Board

Features of AVR Microcontroller Development Board:

  • 16 Kbytes of In-System Self-programmable Flash program memory.
  • 512 Bytes EEPROM.
  • 1 Kbyte Internal SRAM.
  • Programming of Flash, EEPROM, Fuses, and Lock Bits through the JTAG Interface.
  • Byte-oriented Two-wire Serial Interface.
  • Programmable Serial USART.
  • Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface.
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer with Separate On-chip Oscillator.
  • On-chip Analog Comparator.
  • 32 Programmable I/O Lines.
  • Operating voltage from 5.0V - 25 V.
  • Onboard dc power supply unit.
  • Onboard power switch.
  • Onboard dc socket.
  • Onboard ISP connector.
  • Onboard 4x4 matrix keypad.
  • Onboard L293D motor driver.
  • Onboard 4-bit keypad.
  • Onboard ULN2803 IC.
  • Onboard 24Cxx EEPROM IC base.
  • Onboard DX130X RTC.
  • Onboard RESET switch.
  • Onboard DB9 female connector.
  • Onboard MAX232 IC.
  • Onboard ATMEGA16 microcontroller.
  • Onboard 4-multiplexed 7 Segment display.
  • Onboard CMOS battery clamp.

Application of AVR Microcontroller Board:

  • XBee controlled Embedded System.
  • Cell phone Controlled robot (DTMF Based).
  • Line following Robot.
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot.
  • CAN Based accident avoidance robot.
  • Clap operated robot.
  • RF Based robotic car.
  • Wall follower robot.
  • Micro mouse Robot.
  • Digital MP3 player.
  • External Memory interfacing using I2C.
  • Light Searching Robot.
  • Edge Avoiding Robot.
  • And many more...

Kit Contents :

  • 1 X atmega 16 controller board.
  • 1 X atmega 16 microcontroller.
  • 1 X MAX232 IC.
  • 1 X DX130X RTC.

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