Battery Holders and Connectors

Battery Holders and Connectors

Eliminators and adapters have replaced the use of batteries but still they are being used in many devices which can’t be replaced especially for those devices where power supply battery is inconvenient. Choosing battery all depends upon the device and its power capacity. We have a massive network of battery and their parts including clarified specifications. We deal with long lasting battery with their holders and connectors. Battery holders we cater are AA battery holders, 4AA, 9 volt battery holders and various connectors. 

Battery holders are composed of nylon, polypropylene plastic which contains circuit pins or metal springs along with wire leads. Cells are inserted according to the two terminals in a battery. Cells inserted come in direct contact to the metal terminals which generate power when switched. Our battery products are quality assured covering minimum charges. Connectors with wire leads and clips are best for charging batteries from Small to massive delivered entirely in huge amount from our store.

Online Battery holder and connector prices in India are reasonable at every store of ours including at discounted charges. Our products consist of variety of holders and connectors including clips which are named as crocodile clips because of its crocodile face resemblance. Additionally, coin shape batteries can be seen where cells fitted are of cell shape. So when thinking of buying battery is in touch and guarantee you rust free quality batteries. In case of any damage we will replace immediately as per your interest.

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