Controller Boards

Controller Boards

Are you looking for 8051 Development Board, ARM Board, AVR Board, Banana Pi BoardBeagle-board, CubieBoard, Raspberry Pi Board, Radxa Board, Odroid Board, PIC Board, SBC/Embedded OS BoardWand-board? Then you are at the right place. You can easily buy these products online from our ROBOMART Online Robotics Store plus can grab Opportunities of heavy discounts with free shipping amenities..

Controller board is the brain of the system. It comprises of numerous semiconductor components which have some desired values and are embedded on these boards with the help of soldering. Controller board is specifically a microcontroller board with various pins and configurations that is being interfaced with components. After completion of hardware, software programming is simultaneously tested and finally burnt on microcontroller to run the hardware.
There exists a long list of semiconductors that is being soldered on the controller board. These components are very economical and easily available in the market.Controller board kit covers all components such as resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, inductors, crystals, oscillators, relays, transformers, batteries fuses, diodes, transistors, bridge rectifiers, integrated circuits, switches, LED’s, LCD’s displays, piezo buzzers/elements, electric condenser mixer and many more.
If we talk about its characteristics, it can better work than a computer or a laptop. Firstly, all functions are placed in a small microcontroller chip so it’s better known for its compact size. Secondly, it is build to perform particular task and in case of new functions, software can be installed. Thirdly, as we know its size is compact, so its physical features consumes less power energy. Low power is best for mobile applications and moreover it requires less battery.

Micro-controllers in Robotics

A variety of of Micro controllers is widely seen that kept track on technology aspect. 8051 microcontroller, AVR, ARM, Banana pi, CubieBoard, beagle board, Odroid, PIC, Radxa, raspberry pi, SBC/embedded OS, wand board are the best robot controller board that can be seen at stores. Micro-controller catalogue is provided along with the hardware including its parts and accessories for forming of robot. All of these cover reasonable charges as well as shipping facilities too. There exists a long list of projects that are properly clarified for beginners and learners.
Quality is the main motto of every manufacturer, so micro controllers used is best in industry and domestic sector. Micro-controller is been the best invention till know as it has brought revolution in electronic industry. Micro controller's best feature is its compact size that has made electronic products compact and reliable. Pins of controller are used for various purposes in a controller board. Controller boards reduced size is in the trend and gather lot of attention.
Micro-controller Board Applications: Domestic and Industrial
There are various controller boards that are being utilized in our daily processes. Moreover in domestic and industrial applications it has various uses. For domestic applications-Mobile Phones, Auto Mobiles, CD/DVD Players, Washing Machines, Cameras, Security Alarms, microwave oven, electronic measurements instruments, in computers and laptops, modems, keyboard controllers, solar heaters and still many more. Whereas in industrial sector- solar applications, HEV, Energy harvesting, car access system, central body module control, anti lock braking systems, remote control, white goods, in pumps, optical modules, lighting, programmable logic controller, weigh scale, pressure sensors, temperature sensor, chemical sensor , gas sensor, activity monitor, blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, infusion pumps, ventilators, E-meters, flow meters, data concentrator in smart grid, power line communication, micro-controllers in smart grid. These are few projects for learners to start with. They are increasing in number day by day with the coming technology

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