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Cubieboard is a single board manufactured which is manufactured in china. It comprises of a motherboard that uses Allwinner A-10 at the time of first cubieboard. After that 3 more editions were established cubieboard 2, cubieboard 3 and cubieboard 4.
Its hardware specifications are CPU dynamically frequency scaling (60MHz~1GHz), I2C, 96 GPIOs, TWM, 2.5' SATA, Ethernet, 1 or 2 cores CPU optional , 1GB DDR3, 2D/3D GPU, 2160p HD Video Processor, 4GB Nand Flash.Software specifications comprise of Preinstall android 4.x, Support Debian Linux, Support Kali Linux, Support ubuntu 12.04 desktop, Support Fedora 18, cubieboard arm cortex processor, Ubuntu 13.03 servers.

If we talk about its applications or projects, it is better used in hadoop cluster which has high availability distributed object oriented platform that supports the running of applications on large clusters of commodity. Secondly, used in 3D printer, home server, mini pc, gaming system, a compute cluster, personal storage cloud, vibe which is done for detection and subtraction in video sequences, media center, home entertainment and building electronic cluster. Moreover it’s used in android TV, NAS, web server, PDF reader, file manager and many more. Kits are well prepared and cater reasonable charges with components and all necessary accessories.
Cubieboard components comprise of Power adapter, Power cable, HDMI cable, HDMI monitor/TV and USB mouse & keyboard. Beginners are introduced and supported special projects for beginners so that they can easily prepare their development kit. Plus, training for on going students is recommended so that they can prepare kits by themselves through various guidelines. It can be through web or through technical expert’s sharing technical information for better positive results and placements. Strict environment can be seen in organization with best professional’s expertise and management. Moreover, kits cover all parts, accessories and catalogues that is necessary for particular project formation. Learner’s can also judge their caliber through training.
Buy cubieboard in India with ease at affordable charges with minimum shipping charges. Dealers are all over entire India and distribute to all parts with easy convenience. Cubieboard A20 is being utilized buy cubieboard 2. All accessories of cubieboard easily fit cubieboard 2. There is no additional accessory in cubieboard 2. It has 96 expended interfaces with low cost ability and high reliability then raspberry pi.
Cubieboard 4 is the latest edition to cubieboard in which cubieboard A-80 is being utilized by the board. It’s introduced as high performance module with 20 expanded pins, Built-in HDMI/ VGA display interface, Built-in WIFI+BT module, 2GB DDR3 RAM, Built-in IR receiver and SPDIF audio interface. Its hardware specifications cover 1 GB DDR3, CPU dynamically frequency scaling (60 MHz-1GHz), 4 GB N and Flash, 12c, 96GPIDs, TWM, 2.5’ SATA, Ethernet and 2160p HD Video processor.
Cubieboard 4 components covered are reasonable and carry minimum charges with high reliability of products. This board is advanced with mini chip covering all laptop and personal computer. Whereas it’s Specifications cover a long list which includes:

  • Memory: 2GB DDR3, 64bit, Dual Channel, 1600 MTPS.
  • Storage: EMMC, up to 64GB, default 8GB, write/read speed 25MB/s.
  • TF card: Micro SD card slot, SD card specification V2.0.
  • Ethernet Card: 10M/100M/1000M.
  • NICRTC: Support 1220 size rechargeable button cell.
  • Dimensions: 146 x 142 x 18mm USB Slots: USB 2.0 host x 4, USB 3.0 OTG x 1.
  • Display: HDMI Port A, HDMI V1.4, VGA, support 1080P resolution output.
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz/5.8Ghz, dual band, 300Mbps.
  • BT: BT4.0+EDR, IR receiver Philips standard.
  • Audio: Support 3.5 headphone jacks for Audio output, Support 3.5 jack for Microphone.
  • Power Supply: DC IN 5V/4A, Support USB 3.0 power jack, Support 3.7V Li-Po battery.
  • Buttons: power button, reset button, reboot button.
  • LEDS: Power led x 1, User led x 2 .
  • Debugging Ports: UART0 and JTAG.
  • Some I2C interface to peripherals Packing List: Cubieboard 4 main board x1.
  • Micro 3.0 USB cable x1.
  • Micro 3.0 USB OTG cables x1, Sink fin x1, 5 GHz/2.4Ghz antenna x1, Sample acrylic case x1,.
  • SOC: Allwinner A80, Octa- Core big-LITTLE A15/A7, 28mm,.
  • CPU: Arm Cortex A15x4 up to 2.0GHz, A7x4 up to 1.3GHz,.
  • GPU: Power 64-core G6230.

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