We are engaged to various electronic components that can be easily purchased from our Robomart website at affordable cost. Polyester capacitors, film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and SMD capacitors are main types of capacitors used in circuitry. We are offering Heavy discounts for bulk purchasing of electronic components, parts and catalog for assembling different projects.
Today our article is discussed on one of the passive component mostly used in electronic projects named as capacitor. Basically, capacitor is described as an electrical component that stores electric energy in an electric field. Capacitors, resistors and inductors belong to the group of passive components used in many electrical devices. There are various types of capacitors used in the circuit such as ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, paper capacitor, Aluminum, tantalum, niobium electrolytic capacitors, polymer capacitors, super capacitors such as double-layer capacitors, pseudo capacitors, hybrid capacitors, silver, mica, glass, silicon, air gap and vacuum capacitors.
Capacitors are classified into two types - fixed capacitors and variable capacitors. Capacitors have two plates discrete by an insulating layer named as dielectric. Capacitors are of various capacities. Small ones are used in electronic circuitry to couple signals between various stages of amplifiers, electric filters and tuned circuits.

Larger capacitors are used for storing energy. These large capacitors are fitted in devices such as strobe lights, electric motors and in AC power distribution systems for power factor correction.

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