Today, my article is about basic component of electronic industry named diode and its types such as fast recovery diodes, germanium diodes, general purpose diodes, schottky barrier diodes, SCR and TRIAC's products. Our valuable users will be pleased from our quick online amenities and discounts for bulk purchase on diodes and other electronic items.
We have discussed diode features for our users for which they can use appropriate one for their projects. Basically, Diode is defined as a two terminal electronic components having a p-n junction. It is a semiconductor component which was first introduced in 1906. Nowadays, silicon is mostly used and germanium and selenium are rarely used. Basic function of a diode is to allow current to pass in forward and backward direction. The backward process is called rectification which functions in converting an alternating current to direct current.
Diodes are designed to produce direct current when infrared or ultraviolet strikes them. These semiconductor diodes are called photovoltaic cells and applicable in photo sensors and solar energy systems. Moreover diodes can be used as rectifiers, voltage regulators, switches, signal modulators, oscillators, signal limiters, signal demodulators and signals mixers.

Diode main functioning is passing electric current in one direction called forward biasing and blocking current in negative direction referred as reverse biasing. Such unidirectional behavior is referred as rectification and converts alternating current to direct current.

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