Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Quadcopter carbon fibre frame helps to make the base for the Quadcopter and the battery and the motors are  mounted on the quadcopter. Carbon fibre frame is the main part of the quadcopter. Frames can also be built at home using aluminium or balsa sheet. But results will vary from manufactured frames, both aesthetically and in terms of flight attributes. Common is the integration of power distribution circuits into the frame plates. Battery connections are soldered directly to pads built into the material, and power can be tapped at other solder points without the need for extensive, messy wiring. Although by no means essential, a clean setup is satisfying and less likely to fail, making power-distributing frames is a worthy investment.

  Although Quadcopters frame are sold by different e- commerce websites in India but the frame is sold at a throwaway price by robomart.

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    40 pin FRC cable of 1 meter length for connecting interface boards to our development boards.Feature..

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