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    Mini Pixhawk Flight Control 32bit Pixhawk2.4.6 NEO M8N GPS Power Module Minin Osd 433 Telemetry
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    Mini Pixhawk Flight Control 32bit Pixhawk2.4.6 w/SD Card /Safety Switch/Buzzer/RGB/PPM/I2C/PM/OSD /433 Telemetry/M8N GPS

Mini Pixhawk Flight Control 32bit Pixhawk2.4.6 Power Module Minin Osd 433mhz Telemetry 7N GPS Combo

20-30 Days
Product Code: RM2530

20-30 Days


Mini Pixhawk Flight Control 32bit Pixhawk2.4.6 Power Module Minin Osd 433mhz Telemetry 7N GPS Combo

Comparing with the standard version, The revisions made on Pixhawk mini are as follows:

  • SD card base adopts deadlock function. SD card will not be easily taken out unless press the SIM.
  • The front jacks all adopts imported the gilded needle, has better contact resistance, more stable and reliable.
  • NEC original tantalum capacitor is added in back compass and main power supply, making each sensor has stable power supplying and lesser possibility of aircraft crashing.
  • The same matte black gold plate as the original version, high quality.
  • PIXHAWK intergrated the newest 32 bit chip technology and sensor technology, get rid of the dilemma of having only 8 bit CPU of APM, and CPU occupancy being too high.
  • Size: from 81.5*50*15.5 to 60*38*14MM.
  • Weight: from 38g to 27g.
  • All interfaces are changed to 2.5.4 dupont interfaces both front and behind, convenient for cable connection.
  • The internal power supply mode is changede, adopting TI power supply plan, external input voltage can reach to 3-15V wide input.
  • The part of IMU is modue group , maximize to reduce the inteferences, more stable state.

Pix Mini Hardware Configuration

  • 32bits ARM Cortex M4 core includes FPU( floating point unit).
  • 168 Mhz/256 KB RAM/2 MB flash memory .
  • 32bits error protection coprocessor .


  • ST Mirco 12bit Gyroscope L3GD20 Upgrade to 16bit Gyroscope L3GD20H.
  • ST Micro 14bits accelerometer/ Magnetometer LMS303D.
  • MEAS barometer MS5611.

Power supply

  • super high performance three channels low differential pressure diode tube paralleling input.
  • any channel supports 3S, directly input and gurantee the stable work of maincontrol .
  • All external interface have complete overcurrent shortcircuit, ESD electrostatic protection.Interface.
  • 5 UART serial ports, one supports large power, two have hardware flow control .
  • Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X satellite input .
  • Futaba S.BUS input and output .
  • PPM sum signal .
  • RSSI(PWM or voltage)input.
  • I2C, SPI, two CAN, USB.
  • 3.3 and 6.6 ADC input .


  • Weight:27g.
  • Length: 60MM.
  • Width: 38MM.
  • Height: 14MM.

Package Included:

  • Mini Pixhawk 2.4.6 Flight Controller x 1.
  • Original Shell X 1.
  • 8G SD Card x1.
  • Safety switch x1.
  • Buzzer x 1.
  • SD Card Adapter x1.
  • External LED light board X 1.
  • PPM Module x1.
  • Pixhawk-I2C Splitter Expand Module X 1.
  • 7N Gps Module x1 .
  • Power Module x1 .
  • Minim OSD w/ shell x1.
  • 433 telemetry w/ shell x1.


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