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Naze32 Rev6 6DOF Flight Control Board & Barometer & Compass

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Naze32 Rev6 6DOF Flight Control Board & Barometer & Compass


Item name: NAZE32 REV6 Flight Controller
Sensors: MPU6500
Height: 36mm
Width: 36mm
Weight: 6 grams (no headers, 8 grams with)
Version: 6 DOF
Battery voltage monitoring
Built-in FrSky telemetry converter
Modern 32-bit processor (STM32 F103) running at 3.3V/72MHz.
Onboard USB for setup and configuration
Modern GUI for all operating systems, Baseflight Configurator

Package Including: 
1x Naze32 REV6 flight controller
1x set pins and cables (unsoldered)


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