LED and LDR are basic electronic component frequently used in the circuitry. Generally, we have all kinds of led and LDR which includes diffused light emitting, flashlight torch bulbs for robotic projects, LDR big, LDR small, led indicator with metal or plastic casing, multicolor and size led pack, led holders. You can purchase these products online from our Robomart store or directly from our store. We believe in quality and share our quality product as per your requirement.
Today our discussion is on LED and LDR which is defined as a semiconductor with two terminals forming a p-n junction diode and emits light when activated. 1990, led were first used in lamps. Since that time, they were more valuable and changed life in commercial sector, industrial sector and outdoor lighting applications.
In electronic industry, LEDs are used in various projects for display or detecting values. These are best used for traffic light projects. LDR stands for light dependent resistor or a photo resistor having resistivity of the incident electromagnetic radiation. These are light sensitive devices and also called as photo conductors, photo conductive cells or simply photocells having high resistivity. It basically works on the principle of photo conductivity in which materials conductivity or resistivity reduces when light is absorbed by the material.
Generally, when light falls on the device i.e. when photons fall, the electrons in the valance band of the semiconductor material is excited to the conduction band. Large number of charge carriers increases due to the light falling on the device. As a result more and more current starts flowing and resistance decreases eventually.

Another topic we discussed is LDR, which stands for light dependent resistor whose resistance decreases when light falls on them. When LDR is kept in dark, its resistance becomes very high as it's named as dark resistance. When a constant voltage is applied intensity of light increases gradually as a result current too increases.

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