Switches & Sockets

Switches & Sockets

For designing circuits, we require various electronic components, parts, procedure and perfect assembling to run our hardware. We have huge sum of various passive active components, switches, sockets. Potentiometer, ON-OFF switch, matrix switch, rocker switch, sliding switch are few switches that could be purchased hassle free. Heavy discounts are offered for bulk purchase for our valuable customers. Now purchasing is easy, just engage to website and order for particular product.
In electronic field, switches are defined as a controlling device interrupting the flow of current in another direction. Switch also helps in controlling the operation of a circuit where users might activate or deactivate little part or whole part of the circuit as per requirement. In electronics, we use push button, toggle switch, transistor, MOSFET, relay from which Relay, transistor and mosfet are electronic components but they also function as a switch.

In case of sockets, they only allow operated equipment to be connected to the main ac power supply in a building. They only vary in their voltage and current ratings, architecture and types of connectors used. For domestic use 20 types are still seen in few old buildings. Sockets interfaced are prepared best for easy portability and use. Earthing, interchange hazards, polarization, appliance connections and extensions, special purpose plugs and sockets are available and applicable.

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  • SKU : RM0518
    IN STOCK (39)

    Ideal for professional audio equipment such as mixers and amplifiers. This 6.35mm Stereo Jack is sol..

  • SKU : RM0176
    IN STOCK (700)

    This DC female socket is a PCB mountable version of the Female DC socket. The rust-free contacts p..

  • SKU : RM0216
    IN STOCK (8)

    A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that is packaged with others in a group in a standard d..

  • SKU : RM0215
    IN STOCK (1)

    A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that is packaged with others in a group in a standard d..

  • SKU : RM0194
    IN STOCK (105)

    A DIP switch is a manual electric switch that is packaged with others in a group in a standard dua..

  • SKU : RM0517
    IN STOCK (5)

    This is a DPDT switch with a push button type activation feature. Pushing the switch activates the..

  • SKU : RM0572
    IN STOCK (8)

    A Double Pole Double Throw toggle switch acts exactly like two separate SPDT switches connected to t..

  • SKU : RM1369
    Out Of Stock

    This new version of button twig contains one independent button, which are configured with pull-down..

  • SKU : RM1164
    IN STOCK (24)

    The Joystick switches or joysticks are manually actuated control devices for installation in control..

  • SKU : RM0888
    IN STOCK (199)

    These switches are sliding type L-shape on-off switches used to control power supply.Feature..

  • SKU : RM1300
    IN STOCK (93)

    This preset breakout module is very easy to use in different experiments and also with projects.Feat..

  • SKU : RM0914
    IN STOCK (331)

    The push button SPST switch is used in home appliances, & Industrial purposes.Features of Push B..

  • SKU : RM0323
    IN STOCK (87)

    The push to on switch is a switch which turns on when it is push and off when it is pulled. A push..

  • SKU : RM0688
    IN STOCK (277)

    This push reset switch allows electricity to flow between its two contacts when held in. When the bu..

  • SKU : RM1265
    Out Of Stock

    This analog Joystick module is designed by robomart for interfacing in various robotics project whic..

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