Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

LM35 Temperature SensorsTemperature Sensors ModuleLM335 Precision Temperature SensorsLM34 Precision Fahrenheit TemperatureTemperature Sensors Module ThermistorDallas Thermometer Temperature SensorMAX6675 K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensors.

Temperature sensors as easily understood from the name as detect the temperature of devices. These devices react according to the environmental conditions and depict the temperature accordingly. A basic diagram of a temperature sensor comprise of ground, analog voltage output and 2.7-5.5 volt as input. They are very precise and not need any calibration or testing effect. They are no more analog type sensors so clear precision is no more demanded. Clarity is easily seen in digital sensors where one does not need any strict calibration for calculating the temperature.

Talking about its characteristics, cost is reasonable whereas temperature varies from -40C to 150C and from -40F to 302F, Power supply range from 2.7 volt to 5.5 volt whereas Current limitation is 0.05Ma. Output range is demonstrated from 0.1V- 2.0V and accuracy decreases after 125C.

After discussing its characteristics, we have its various applications - environmental control systems, thermal protection, industrial process control, fire alarms, power systems monitor and CPU thermal management.

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