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Capacitive Touch Dimmer LED Dimmer PWM Control Switch Module

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Capacitive Touch Dimmer LED Dimmer PWM Control Switch Module

  • PCB size: L23MM x W20MM
  • Hole distance: 16 mm
  • Aperture: 2.5 mm
  • Voltage range: 2.4-5V
  • Maximum output current: 500MA
  • The lamp brightness can be adjusted by requirement, it is very to operate.
  • It can touch in medium protection, such glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramics and so on, which is very safe.
  • Wide application of voltage range, you can choose arbitrarily between 2.4V to 4.5V.
  • Simple applied circuit, less peripheral devices, easy processing, low cost.
  • Anti power and phone interference, the EFT can reach above +/-2KV; the touch response sensitivity and reliability will not affected by the close distance or multi-angle mobile phone interference.
  • Install: Needn't to touch copper foil directly, the dimming can be processed across acrylic glass(above 3mm) or plastic.
  • Application: It can control LED module, light and so on. It is available for indoor LED, lighting lamp, DIY automotive lights dimming refit.
  • Function: Single touch, using the principle of capacitance touch. The default function is switch, dimming, with brightness memories LED touch dimming. It will light slowly when turn on the lights, and become dark slowly when turn off, which effectively avoid the stimulation to eyes.
  • Dimming mode: Non-polar PWM dimming.
  • Wiring method: PCB board(VCC, GND) is power input, (LED+, LED-) is connected with the LED lamps of positive and negative level (fingerprint) touch area, also can wire to lead out (the wiring should not be too long), copper skin area should be 2x3cm. With copper foil copper foil board module will side to the shell side.
  • Using method:
    • Click touch (touch duration time is less than 550ms) can control the lamp. Click once, the lamp lights; click again, the lamp off. The initial brightness of lights lit the fixed for the whole brightness of 90%.
    • Press the touch at long time (touch duration time is more than 550ms), you can achieve stepless dimming the lights. Press long time once, light levels gradually increase light levels when released after the release time parked in the corresponding brightness, long time if more than three seconds, the light levels to achieve maximum brightness does not change; again long press touch, light levels gradually decreased to stop when you release the light levels in the corresponding brightness release time, if a long time more than three seconds, the light levels after reaching the minimum brightness does not change.
  • Debugging Tips: If false triggering or not triggered when debugging, may caused by the following reasons:
    • The touch line is too thick.
    • The touch line is too long.
    • The Copper is not big enough.
    • Near the terminal of switch power supply interference.
    • Touch parameter C1 is not reasonable.


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