Cartridge Miniature Fuses

Cartridge Miniature Fuses

If you are looking for fuses, then you are at the right place. We deal with various types of fuses which will help you in various projects. Cartridge Miniature Fuses, Cylindrical Fuses, 8 amp, 15 amp, 2amp Cartridge Miniature Fuses, 20 amp Cartridge Miniature Fuses, 30 amp Cartridge Miniature Fuses, 4 amp Cylindrical fuses are few of our fuses which we have listed here. The rest ones can be viewed in the sub categories which can be purchased from there.
Let's gain some information what cartridge fuse actually are. They are defined as a cylindrical shaped having contact points at each end. They come in variety of sizes. They help in protecting motors and branch circuits where high voltage and current ratings are required. They come in variety of sizes and have two types general purpose fuses and heavy duty fuses.

General purpose has no time delay, protect fuse panels, appliances and branch circuits. In case of heavy duty, time delay feature is present which allow momentary motor startups. Miniature cartridge fuses are used in industrial, commercial and agriculture applications moreover, in residential fuse panels, pumps, air conditioning, appliances and other equipment. These fuses can be easily installed and removed by using a special tool known as fuse puller. It copies the shape of the fuse and breaks the shape of the fuse and break over the fuse for easy removal.

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