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CD4034 8-Stage Bidirectional Bus Register

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CD4034 8-Stage Bidirectional Bus Register

The CD4034B is a static eight-stage parallel-or serial-input parallel-output register.

Features of CD4034 8-Stage Bidirectional Bus Register:

  • Bidirectional parallel data input.
  • Parallel or serial inputs/parallel outputs.
  • Asynchronous or synchronous parallel data loading.
  • Parallel data-input enable on "A" data lines (3-state output).
  • Data Recirculation for register expansion.
  • Multi-package register expansion.
  • Fully static operation dc-to-10 MHz (typ.) at VDD = 10 V.

Applications of CD4034 8-Stage Bidirectional Bus Register:

  • Parallel Input/Parallel Output, Serial Input/Parallel Output, Serial Input/Serial Output Register.
  • Shift right/shift left register.
  • Shift right/shift left with parallel loading.
  • Address register.
  • Buffer register.
  • Bus system register with enable parallel lines at bus side.
  • Double bus register system.
  • Up-Down Johnson or ring counter.
  • Pseudo-random code generators.
  • Sample and hold register (storage, counting, display).
  • Frequency and phase comparator.

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