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CD4059 Program Divide-by-N Counter

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CD4059 Program Divide-by-N Counter

The CD4059 standard "A" Series types are divide-by-N down-counters that can be programmed to divide an input frequency by any number "N" from 3 to 15,999. The output signal is a pulse one clock-cycle wide occurring at a rate equal to the input frequency divided by N. This single output has TTL drive capability. The down-counter is preset by means of 16 jam inputs.

Features of CD4059 Program Divide-By-N Counter:

  • Synchronous Programmable N Counter.
  • N = 3 to 9999 or 15,999.
  • Presettable down-counter.
  • Fully static operation.
  • Mode-select control of initial decade counting function (10,8,5,4,2).
  • T2L drive capability.
  • Master preset initialization.
  • Latchable N output.
  • Quiescent current specified to 15 volts.
  • Max. input leakage current of 1 µA at 15 volts, full package-temperature range.
  • 1 volt noise margin, full package-temperature range.
  • 5-V and 10-V parametric ratings.

Applications of CD4059 Program Divide-By-N Counter:

  • Communications digital frequency synthesizers: VHF, UHF, FM, AM, etc..
  • Fixed or programmable frequency division.
  • "Time out" timer for consumer-application industrial controls.
  • Companion Application Note, ICAN-6374, "Application of the CMOS CD4059A Programmable Divide-by-N Counter in FM and Citizens Band Transceiver Digital Tuners".

Also Searched as : CD4059 ic.


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