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CD4504 Hex Voltage Level Shifter

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CD4504 Hex Voltage Level Shifter

The CD4504B hex voltage level-shifter consists of six circuits which shift input signals from the VCC logic level to the VDD logic level. To shift TTL signals to CMOS logic levels, the SELECT input is at the VCC HIGH logic state. When the SELECT input is a LOW logic state, each circuit translates signals from one CMOS level to another.

Features of CD4504 Hex Voltage Level Shifter:

  • Independence of power-supply sequence considerations - VCC can exceed VDD; input signals can exceed both VCC and VDD.
  • Up and down level-shifting capability.
  • Shiftable input threshold for either CMOS or TTL compatibility.
  • Standardized symmetrical output characteristics.
  • 100% tested for quiescent current @ 20 V.
  • Maximum input current of 1 µA at 18 V over full package-temperature range; 100 nA at 18 V and 25°C.

Applications of CD4504 Hex Voltage Level Shifter:

  • 3-state hex inverter for interfacing IC's with data buses.
  • COS/MOS to TTL hex buffer.

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