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CD4526 Divide-by-N Counter

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CD4526 Divide-by-N Counter

The MC14526B binary counter is constructed with MOS P−channel and N−channel enhancement mode devices in a monolithic structure. This device is presettable, cascadable, synchronous down counter with a decoded “0” state output for divide−by−N applications. Insingle stage applications the “0” output is applied to the Preset Enable input. The Cascade Feedback input allows cascade divide−by−N operation with no additional gates required. The Inhibit input allows disabling of the pulse counting function. Inhibit may also be used as a negative edge clock.

Features of CD4526 Divide-By-N Counter:

  • Internally Synchronous for High Speed.
  • Logic Edge-Clocked Design Increments on Positive Clock Transistion.
  • Clock Inhibit Pin.
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range.
  • Low Power TTL.

Applications of CD4526 Divide-By-N Counter:

  • Frequency synthesizers.
  • Phase-locked loops.
  • Programmable down counters.
  • Programmable frequency dividers.
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