Connectors & Cables

Connectors & Cables

We cater cable and connectors for your computer, laptop, media players, internet modems, digital cameras and speakers online from our Robomart store. Connectors and cables, BNC connector, USB connectors, VGA cable, Servo Extension cable male to male, Servo Plugs, female connector, RJ45 connector, RCA cable, male stereo connector, male connector, mono jacks cable lead are few cables and connectors for which users can easily visit our website and place order for particular item. We are a leading brand providing robotics, controllers and copters complete kits at discounted rates for bulk purchase.

Today, our article is on various connectors and cables used for interfacing to various electronic devices. Sometimes cables and connectors in your electronic devices might confuse you.  It’s better to have little information on them so that in case of damage or placing order users are aware of them. In case of connectors, they are quality assured and reliable. DB style, digital video, audio, fiber and networking, modular, power, DIN, USB, SCSI, internal, centronics, fire wire is few connectors frequently used.

In electronic devices, ports are differently designed and similarly interfacing is compatible. There are various cables used for transferring data from one device to another comprising of fiber which is mostly used, another is shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair and coaxial cable. Fiber cable is best used for LAN, WAN plus has huge capacity for longer range. Fiber cables have higher speed as compared to another and use light pulses to transmit signal. For internet, fiber is the best option for quality and range.

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