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CD4015 Dual 4-stage Static Shift Register

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CD4015 Dual 4-stage Static Shift Register

The CD4015BC contains two identical, 4-stages, serial-input/parallel-output registers with independent “Data”, “Clock,” and “Reset” inputs. The logic level present at the input of each stage is transferred to the output of that stage at each positive-going clock transition. A Logic high on the “Reset” input resets all four stages covered by that input. All inputs are protected from static discharge by a series resistor and diode clamps to VDD and VSS.

Specification of CD4015 Dual 4-stage Static Shift Register:

  • Wide supply voltage range:3.0V to 18V.
  • High noise immunity: 0.45 VDD (typ.).
  • Low power TTL: Fan out of 2 driving 74L compatibility: or 1 driving 74LS.
  • Medium speed operation: 8 MHz (typ.) clock rate.
  • Fully static design: @VDD VSS 10V.

Applications of CD4015 Dual 4-stage Static Shift Register:

  • Serial-input/parallel-output data queueing.
  • Serial to parallel data conversion.
  • General purpose register.

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