Direction Sensors

Direction Sensors

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Direction sensor helps in detecting infrared radiation in human beings and animals. It also helps in detecting the movement of objects and calculating its accuracy wisely. Digital direction sensors has few basic characteristics such as regulated voltage that is powered from 4.5V to 15 volts DC, average current of greater than 80mA, durable battery, 15 foot detection distance, current sinks at 200Ma, programmable sensitivity setting, adjusts dwell on time, sensing direction on both sides and four wires are connected from which two are for power and two for output.

We deal with HMC5883L 3 axis digital output compass magnetic sensor module and micro mouse sensor. These both are digital sensors and vary in characteristic accordingly. The first one detects precise sensitivity and linearity in axis. Its cross axis trial direction and magnitude for earth’s magnetic field.

The second one is the micro mouse sensor which demonstrates and senses in a particular correct direction. It is affected to noise and light and which results to its crash.
These sensors can be easily catered from stores and gain information from reference guidelines and catalogues.

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