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Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0

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Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0

Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0 is a Simple line follower kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics programming and Sensor interfacing.If you want to design a line follower/wall follower/edge avoider etc. And if you are a beginner then this one is the best kit for you by which you will be able to work with AVR Microcontroller and also for designer if you want to design any major project for diploma B.Tech & M.Tech.

Product Image of Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0

Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0

Features of Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0

  • On board ATmega 8 Microcontroller.
  • On board Switch.
  • On board L293D.
  • On board dc power supply.
  • Onboard USB Port.
  • On board 4 bit LED display.
  • Onboard 2*16 LCD display interface.
  • Onboard DTMF Decoder interface.
  • On board I2C, SPI, USART port.

Applications of Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0

  • Line Follower.
  • Edge avoider.
  • Wall follower.
  • Obstacle Avoider.
  • Photo phobic robot.In DIY kits


  • Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0


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