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EL Wire 1xAAA Mini Inverter

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3429

15-20 Days


EL Wire 1xAAA Mini Inverter

A really tiny portable inverter for EL wire. Powers off of a single AAA battery (not included!), it can drive up to 50cm / 20 inches of our high-brightness EL wire or 10cm x 1cm long piece of EL tape for 3 hours (or longer if the EL wire is less than 50cm long). There is a switch on the side for selecting steady/blink/off modes. Comes with a 2.5mm pitch female JST connector. Like all EL inverters we've used, the 2000 Hz oscillation is slightly audible.

This inverter can only power 10 CENTIMETERS (2.5 INCHES) of 1cm wide tape or a 3cm x 3cm / 1.25" x 1.25" piece of EL panel 

To connect a piece EL wire to this, you'll want a male connector wire if it isn't already attached


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