In every simple circuitry, resistors play an important role in controlling flow of current through the circuit. We have a pack of SMD resistors and through hole resistors at our stores. Purchasing resistors and other passive components from our website is very easy. Robomart have colossal inventory of passive components which can be purchased online without any hassle. We have multiple values resistor pack for which heavy discounts are offered during festive seasons.

Today our article is about a very basic electronic component called as resistor where it is defined as a two terminal passive component which reduces current flow simultaneously, lower voltage level within circuit. It basically helps in adjusting signal levels, terminates transmission lines and dissipates many watts for motor control or as test loads for generators. The SI unit of resistor is measured in ohms.

There exist two main types of resistors -fixed resistors and variable resistors. Fixed resistors property defines resistance with slightly change to temperature, operating voltage and time. In case of variable resistors, help in adjusting circuit elements and sensing devices for humidity, force, heat or chemical activity.

The two categories have various resistors used in circuit. lead arrangements, carbon composition, carbon pile, carbon film, printed carbon resistor, thick and thin film, metal film, metal oxide film, wire wound, ammeter shunts, foil resistor, grid resistor and special varieties is fixed resistor type. Adjustable resistors, special, devices, resistance decade boxes and potentiometers are few variable resistor types. Additionally, resistor works on the property of ohms law and resistors basic application is to control current flow in the circuit.

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