Integrated Circuit (IC's)

Integrated Circuit (IC's)

We have gathered a collection of IC’s which may me required by you for preparing your own project. Atmel, ATmega microcontrollers, 74LS series IC, analog to digital, digital to analog converter, CD40 series and linear series are few integrated IC’s present at our store. Users can purchase integrated circuits at minimum cost from our Robomart store.

Integrated circuit is a collection of electronic circuits which is placed in a single small plate of various dimensions. Manufacturers use semi conductor material for its architecture. Their construction combines many discrete circuits in a single plate with small size made from independent electronic components. IC’s are made very compact that billion transistors and other electronic components can be fitted in a single micro chip.

The invention of IC was introduced in 1949 by a German physicist and microcontrollers and microcontrollers and engineer Werner Jacobi. He demonstrated his invention by experimenting on 5 transistors on a common substrate in a three stage amplifier arrangement. If we talk about its classification, they are classified into analog, digital and mixed signal.

Digital integrated circuits contain one to millions of logic gates, flip flops and multiplexers. These small size circuits have high speeds, reduced manufacturing cost and low power dissipation. Microprocessors, DSP’s and microcontrollers are the digital IC’s in which binary mathematics is used to process zero and one signals. For analog signals, continuous signals are processed. Sensors, operational amplifiers and power management circuits are analog IC’s which perform functions such as amplification, active filtering, demodulation and mixing. In mixed, data acquisition IC is used that cover digital potentiometer, analog to digital and digital to analog converters and clock/timing IC.

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